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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finally A Moment


So much has been going on it seems I have no time or I am too tired to blog. I hit a slump in my knitting...I have started again as of 2 days ago.

My sister in Law had a valve replaced in her heart a week ago Monday. She went home this past Sunday.
What a surprise but thank you for all the prayers. Who would think at 54 this is where you end up Easter Sunday. She did very well and had so much courage. It also helps that she is in good health and really not older. I am not as brave as she was during this huge surgery,....

Had my 61st b'day on the 18th and the best gift ever was her coming home from the hospital. I had many good & Happy B'day wishes from friends near & far. I am so grateful for all of you.

I have a great friend Christine in Paris...yes France and NO Texas. She is sunshine in a friend. She sent me a wonderful gift ...a French Cookbook which I am enjoying and lots of wishes also.

I have a package to go out tomorrow to her...I finally will surprise her. Not having been on the computer as of late has dfriends wondering if I disappeared.....No way I am still here.

I also do alot of Advocacy work (volunteer) and have been really busy with that.

I will be back soon to participate in Ravelry.....I have really been absent.

Have a beautiful week,

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  1. Just checking in, hoping May will be a relaxing, happy month for you!