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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What A World

So we finally did it and have put a "real" comedian in office. Not that I don't think we need comedy in Washington,D.C. because we all need to laugh alot more. I wish Minnesota well as Sen. Franken can't do any worse than what has been in that state before.

I don't see any skeletons in his past and it does give us 60 votes, so what the heck we can try it for a while.

Also on the front our troops are leaving Iraq....well not really just pulling back a bit to watch from what I understand. I hope and pray that all goes well for the people of Iraq and let them have peace for a change.

I'm putting together my $10 Swap pkg. and am sending it out tomorrow. I love doing this every month. I enjoy the fun of sending and receiving a surprise in the mail every month. Thank you,

you folks rock and are #1 in my book. Many new friendships worldwide. Have learned alot about the lives of others and how they live. Imagine you can't get Kool Aid every where in the world. Who knew. But be careful as customs does check your pkgs, out when Kool Aid is included in the package.

So have a great night and enjoy the rest of the week.



Monday, June 29, 2009

The Last Few Days

Wow, what a much time to reflect on ones self after losing so many young people. MJ what can I say but that he was a star like no other. Farrah had the courage I wish I could have in very hard times ....

It is sad when we see someone we have never met but have enjoyed for the last 40 years the spirit they had to entertain us. It reminds me of how hard the life we lead is. It isn't easy and thank goodness I am not in the spotlight.

June is strange here as last night the temp. actually was 57 degrees. It did feel good to open the windows to sleep by. Unfortunately it got me so relaxed that I read for an hour (2am). So I didn't get up very early.

I'm still knitting alot. I have been making project bags and purses from cotton yarn. Great for the summer to throw in the wash and hang to dry.

Well must go and finish a project and start another. And put the dogs to bed.

Peace and great week ahead,


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Please Peace in the Middle East

I try hard not to put my political views in this blog but I can't right now. I am so sad to see Iran and people tonight. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about a home invasion in the middle of the night.

My heart goes out to all that can't sleep like I will tonite or watch a TV program of my choice. Or think and say out loud what I want, even if no one agrees with me.

It's hard to watch people suffering anywhere in this world.

I only hope for them to feel secure and have the peace I can have tonight.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Almost Summer

Not here in South Dakota!!! Yes, we had the parade & town picnic but the next day it was (and is) damp, clammy & rainy, end is sight.

Oh I was wrong it will be getting warmer but not drier. Yuck..I want sunshine and a cool breeze at night not clouds, rain & humidity. The birds are liking it though ....
dogs hate it as they like paws dry!!!! Me too....

Going to eat will write later...


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday after Saturday and before Monday


I tried to blog on Saturday but I was too busy knitting. I am really hooked on this wonderful art.It was cold and rainy so why not!

It's a good thing I have lots of time to do this otherwise I would be in deep trouble. I can't seem to get enough. What a great addiction.

As I spend the majority of my time alone except for 2 lil dogs and an occasional phone call ,I have filled many hours with knitting. Seems I don't have time to read anymore and am backed up with 17 great books to read. I do have the television on so I can listen while creating.

I also think about my $10 Swap Group, which I adore. Friends all over the world and a surprise every month. And then I get to put a box together for them. It has been so much fun.

Well must get to bed and try not to think of what to knit next!

May all your flowers bloom this summer...


Thursday, June 4, 2009

What A Day!!

Sorry but it was laundry day and I actually HUNG sheets and coverlets outside ( I must be getting old). They smell sooo good can't wait to climb in them in a few.

Also planted all my seeds and flowers...finally.
Now grow....

Have been knitting like crazy and trying to catch up in my groups on
Seems I don't have enough time again. Also just keep on knitting..can't stop ...I love it. Going to make some row counters with handmade clay beads for my $10 Swap Group.

Also working on invitations to 80 business people, government & medical persons for the "19th ADA Celebration" July 23rd. So it's going great and have a wonderful speaker for the presentation. We have a local Group to get the ADA word out and Peer Support to those in need. Love to gather information that can help others besides myself.

The day has well ended and good nite to all...sweet dreams,