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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Socks on Saturday

I am so excited I think I understand the concept of the gusset!!! I'm getting ready to start that in a few minutes. I used beautiful yarn but I'm not what it is as yet.

I'm going to put batteries in the camera and I will take pictures & upload them...FINALLY. Not tonite but tomorrow...

So I am off to complete one of two socks. Really excited as I will be down & out for awhile and as I surely will still be knitting...socks here I go!! Tuesday is the surgery day...

I've been looking at some beautiful lace projects. Lots of work but loads of gratification on finishing a work like this. When I could still crochet I made a lace table cloth from thread (2 pieces held throughout) for my daughter. I used my own knowledge & made a design from that. It was lots of work but a great gift to her. I remember it took me almost 6 months to complete. Have to find a pic of that also.

Okay, the picture above is a couple of years ago close to where I live. I just loved all the little lambs with the moms. I have a few others I will share at some point which have the babies skipping & jumping around. They do smell alot...but are still cute.

Have a nice Sunday.,..


Friday, February 27, 2009

Knitting And Technology

I am here trying to paste my Ravelry Badge to my blog. So much to learn and just not enough time. I do feel guilty making this statement as I no longer work outside of my home..

I am finding if I sit at the computer to interact with other human computers I cannot knit. I will find a balance (ok maybe not). I am surprising myself and helping my mind stay very active as I am learning so much daily. It's either knitting or the blog. No dusting, vacumning or even reading (which I am addicted too). I actually have a surplus of books to take on...looks like lots of summer reading to catch up.

I'm playing with changing up my blog a bit. Time to advance a little. I read so many wonderfully written that I need to improve a bit more..

It's lousy here...-12 with the windchill...oh, can't wait for spring.

Have a great week end as I need to work on my SOCKS....



Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Won An Award!!

I am privileged to know so many wonderful women in the blogging world. My intention was to blog so my grandchildren could see what I am doing in my life far away from them. I don't want this blog to be political (even though I might touch on it gently) or too deep. I am in a year that is life changing for me..I will be 60 and am having a great time of it.

To open ones self up to the world is not easy but I am lucky to know people like who gave me this wonderful award from "The Helping Hand" from she is a wonderful example to follow in blogging. She also is great at knitting and keeping life fun.
Go here after reading the remainder of my post to get your instructions on "Paying It Forward".

So now I get to "Pay It Forward" to those of you who have helped me in my new adventure of blogging & knitting. You all have so much to give and I have so much to learn from all of you. So the first of you that I would like to receive this wonderful Award is:

CiCi, are always there for me whether it is blogging or socks or your fun trip to Chicago.

Elle, for your inspiring posts during your personal trials and losses. Keep your spirit young woman you will come out of this much stronger. You give me hope.

Sinje , your blog is wondrous...I love going to Yarns Shops with you on your blog. I have learned much about blogging and fibers from you and miss NYC.

So thank you all for your help and please enjoy your achievements of being there for others.

So now you each must "Pay it Forward" and the rules can be found at SojournersPlace (see above for link). I know you will enjoy this as much as I have. Keep mentoring Ladies...Good job.

I am also going to make a list to encourage other new bloggers to continue their quests into this wonderful media. I'm actually thinking of doing some fun things here on my blog.

Peace Darla

ps. thank you for the new friendships.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorry I have not felt up to my usual fun self..Hurting..pain and of course not getting the SOCK thing.

I watch to much news.. Last night was great. I am upset , as we all are with what is happening in our great Country. I feel I have been here before though and know we are a great people and will come together and help as one. If I gave up I would never knit the socks I want. I won't give up and as bad weather is heading right for me it'll be a great excuse do just concentrate on SOCKS.

Thanks to all for the encouragement and I am not giving up but am going to read about socks (again) tonight.I thibnk I'll get some decaf-espresso!!!

Hope all is well in your lives..


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sorry it's been a few days since I have blogged but I am having a terrible time knitting a sock!! Just can't get the hang of it yet.

I have made a few more fabric purses for some women in town. Also have gotten my Swaps out in the mail...but no socks.

Today it was 52 degrees here...oh how wonderful but thursday doesn't look good.

I have been reading other blogs and enjoying the exciting things they have been doing. Please feel free to go to their blogs (right hand side of my Blog) as so many interesting women.

I'm listening to our new President and it is a pleasure to here him speak. All my hopes our with him in these terrible times. I wouldn't want to take the world on my shoulders...besides I can't figure SOCKS out.

Have a great evening & I will have much more to say tomorrow..


Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, That Sock !!!!

Here I am again..never thought one little sock could be my death...okay, so I got to the heel flap & then the gusset is what messed me up. Maybe a tube sock????
No, I am not giving up is snowing (a little) and cold and tomorrow is Saturday and I will work this sock until it is finished.

See I had gotten too cockey about the little thing last fit correctly and I loved it .....then the gusset ( I never called that thing near my ankle that before) happened and it was downhill from there. It is harder using smaller needles to knit with and of course that beautiful Lily Chin yarn..uhmm..Patience and it will happen.

So my small surgery is postponed until Tuesday the 3rd of March.. figures it took me all this time to finally go and now the date has changed. More time to work on "The Sock"!!!

Have a great day tomorrow and I'm going to sock the sock...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Eleventh Hour

Okay, so it's only going on 10PM here...I am an east coaster though so my inner body clock says it's the 11th hour...where is the NY news??

I tore the test sock out and have started knitting the REAL one. I actually am half way on the heel flap. I am really excited as I never thought I would have the patience to knit any object much less a pair of socks. Good for me, I guess this is my year to fly out of my mold (kidding..I don't have a mold Mom Said they broke it when I was born).

I feel terrible that I have no time in my days to vacuum, dust or even cook my delicious meals anymore. Knitting and blogging have taken over. I needed a substitute for the physical & spending I used to do. So I have found my way...

Being a hippie (still.. but more mature) I took all my batik an created a knitted fabric purse of my design for ME!!! This is the first piece I made for ME, not the last for sure. I really have surprised myself it's professional looking.
I do make time for the dogs as they are my kids. I love talking to words are very important to them for sure.

I even have a surgery (not plastic) coming on I guess I will be away a few days from blogging. It's nothing serious but has taken me years to get to the point of having it done. Be brave and go for it....I am.

Have to go now as I need to work on my socks.I do need to get more (different sizes) knitting dpn's and some Options tips (7US seems to be my fave).

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me along the way. I love your blogging and especially your knitting.

Peace & tomorrow is Friday!!!!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, That Sock !!!!

I can't tell you how much it means to me when someone has written a comment on my Blog. It really isn't hard, you can even be anonymous. I actually have people in my immediate family who believe I will virus them. Well, I am older and wiser and much happier in my life this year because I have found blogging. It gives me an opportunity to meet other people throughout the USA and the world.

I know I am not a published author but I read...ALOT...and I have thoughts that I can share and experience is always on my side. Besides reading other blogs with interests similar to mine open up the gateway of learning from others.

Oh, I don't have to agree with anyone in this world but it is great to see others opinions who are as passionate as I am but they have another way of knitting the patterns together for a different spin and that's great.

I love the groups on,, as it has really expanded my world. How much more positive can you be than when giving & getting in knitting (or crocheting). I've learned so many wonderful things from the women here...about fibers, fabric knitting....skills and just plain fun and encouragement with every step.

I started my 1st sock yesterday and I think I get was too small for any human I know but it worked. So tonight I'm going to do it for sure (correct size & all). Wish me well as you might receive a pair from me some day!!!

Peace and I'm watching "Lost" tonite,


Monday, February 16, 2009


I did it I have now started my first sock. Yes, I am using DPN's because even though I have the book "Magic Loop", I cannot figure it out as yet. I think it is because I haven't tortured myself by making a pair on DPN's.

I have been very busy making fabric knitted purses...they are great. I created my own design and went to work. They are now complete and I love them.

So 20 minutes ago I started a sock...I have 4 rows complete (ribbed pattern)..panicking a little over heels & gussets but I'm not even close yet. No worry I shall seek HELP!!!

I certainly hope everyone has started Monday well. I did! So far so good.

Going to knit those socks and will have much more to write tomorrow.



Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

So what is it in all of us that we want to be more than we are. Blonde or dark hair, brown/ blue eyes, thin or over weight we want to change & we dye/contact lenses, diets & excercise. Are we then another person..NO, we are the same inside.

The outside cannot change the inside..the heart of each of us. Why then do some think they are superior to others?

Today was a day to make a check list in my mind and see what I could change inside..
be kinder, not so critical and try to listen more to the people around me. They may be only acquaintance's but they are a part of my world...we all live here so let's try one at a time to not look at the differences but at the things in which we have in common.
So I will be kinder and look for that forgiveness and compassion as I knit the new life I have decided to have. I may not make it 100% but I am human and hopefully I will remember what I wrote.

Happy Valentines Day and Peace,


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tention Too Tight ....

Sometimes when we knit we must keep the tension on our yarn tight, not too tight but enough to keep the stitches together. It reminds me of the times I have had in my life....keep it loose but not to loose as to have the stitch fall off or not mingle and blend into the other stitches.

Sometimes it is alright not to blend....just keep going and trust that as I knit and gain more experience and knowledge of this craft, I will be more comfortable
and I will knit socks one day.



Do me a favor and keep a friend and her family in your prayers as they have lost their Dad...

The Contents of a Gift

Oh..everyone who loves tea must go here ( Elle what are you doing to me...Blueberry Tea, Merino Hand dyed Wool yarn...dark chocolate etc. etc. etc.....I loved the mailman today. All of these wonderful gifts to brighten my day because I read a blog that was so interesting & it happened to be her 3 yr. blogiversary..( what a pleasure .

I found the Adagio teas on Elle's blog and she has an Etsy do you do all of this & home school??

I can't even start socks yet. Ok ,
Ok, so the socks are still an issue. I think it's because I'm an April kid. I have made three fabric purses though..completely finished. Yeah, I know get the batteries for the camera and take the pics and show us!!!! I will but am doing laundry today so as Scarlett said, "tomorrow is another day...". My motto

Have a sunny day to all,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Touch of Spring

It rained, it snowed (a little) and rained again but I can see green grass...spring is coming. I really have been knitting like a crazy woman.

I have 3 purses that I designed made from fabric that is knotted at certain lengths & then knitted together. Oh, this has been fun!! If it wasn't for
and who happens to do this for a living I would have never thought I could do it.

Thank you Heather as I am having a great time creating...

I have a new friend on a blog who is going through a life changing ordeal at the moment. I have lost my Mom & Dad so I know how hard it is when one of them is so sick. Keep her in your prayers and her family. Keep strong it will all be fine no matter what we have to keep faith.

Okay, so I did watch C+SPAN2 today & yes it drives me crazy watching & listening to
"The Hill". Remember that song "what's going on....", well that's what I kept saying all today. Enough just get on with it.

Have a great day tomorrow and


Monday, February 9, 2009

Fabric & Rag Knitting/Crocheting

Oh another wonderful contest to enter...You have to all look at Heathers' inventory & blog.

I am in a Fabric Knitting group online & I have learned so much I actually have made a Rag Clutch (purse) for my daughter out of beautiful material I had. I ran downtown with it today to see if there is a market in our little shops here. I'm hoping so I better get knitting different bags for the summer months.

I am enjoying & writing my blog so much. I cannot tell you how much this has opened up my life again. I received my package for the 1st swap ($10.00) today. Oh I was like a 12 yr. old. Redcurtain handmade a knitted piece that says "SCOTTIE" on top and a scottie dog in the pattern of the work. She sent a great book to read & she did so much research to find what I liked that she hit it spot on!

This definitely is a turning point in my life for the good. More friends all over this world...
We knitters are very special as we have the spirit of making others happy. I know that for sure. I am making friends for the rest of my life...



Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Fabric in Our Lifes

I started knitting a fabric piece today. Nothing like taking old clothes (even jeans) & cutting them up to make a new rug or other interesting piece. I've had some fabric that is really bright and that is where I started...on 15 US needles...Have to get a rotary cutter though
that will work better than tearing or scissors.

I bet I can use that $5,000 old wedding gown too. Let's see...that is a fabric of my life so , why not...always wanted a very expensive one of a kind rug.

It's Sunday and have been cooking & knitting all day..oh I did take the dogs out too.

Have a good week....yeah Monday!!!!!! I actually saw green under the snow so spring is
on it's way......



Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Cloudy Day In More Than One Way

So it's Saturday and why am I watching C-SPAN2 !!! I had to hear the voices myself cause I certainly didn't want to take any one else's word for what our Senators were saying......

I wonder if they are in this world & how one side (not mentioning who) cannot come forward to make a difference & help for a CHANGE. Come on, for 8 years they were not conservative or fiscally responsible, so what makes them think waiting & not adding their names to a vote in a responsible manner will make the last 8years to go away. Wake up!!!!! America is watching and we will respond in elections. They still have jobs, homes and health care. So what......

Okay, I'm working with fabric today...cutting then rolling into balls and knitting. Now I know what to do with all that fabric I have in two's great 15US needles and go for it.

Have a great nite.....



Sorry, about the rant but I am watching closely & would love to see our Country as one...

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Swell Day

Gosh, it's still 35 out here. Almost spring....not yet though. I mailed my 1st Swap package to Amie today..can't wait till it arrives. I know she will enjoy it.

I ran lots of errands today as sitting outside & enjoying the weather really wasn't an option. I'm still trying to knit socks...either not the right needles or the wrong yarn (well wrong for me....too skinny) but it will all come together in time.

The TV was crazy today...watching the Hill just gets me going. Make a decision already, after
8 yrs. of putting America in this situation (losing jobs that will not reappear and much more), the majority of the GOP has decided to be fiscally responsible....where was that before??? Please someone tell me......will they ever get "We Are The People"...just one!!!!!

Okay on to pleasant thoughts so I don't stay up all nite fixing Washington. I love my children & Family. It's very difficult to be so far away from all. The grandkids just are such a blessing for me. They are great people...Mom & Dad are doing a good job. Even though we are so far apart the kids always say or do something to ping my heart. I treasure though moments.
Besides, I'm the one that taught them how to roll down a hill at West Point Academy and get are clothes full of mud & dirt. They will never forget that.

I am going to leave for now as I am going to make the attempt again to knit the darn socks, they really can't be that can usually buy them anywhere. Even the corner store in a rural town.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Chance to Win ..

Here's another chance to win something for free no $$$$$.
Go to the following link... very easy (I promise) see below!!!!!
It will be fun & then go to Esty Shops as instructed & look at Gem Junkie

Thanks and have fun,

Beautiful Yarn

Oh my gosh..go here and see the most beautiful yarn ever She also has a great blog that I am enjoying following. As Mom said "a little knowledge is dangerous" so I must keep up & learn more.

So it was almost 40!!!!! So today was the time for a new hairdo..My local shop "Vintage Hair Parlour" is great. The shop feels as if you have stepped into the 1800's.

Now I have to say Melissa isn't even close to that age (25 ha ha) that she would remember the Good Ole Prairie Days. She has a great sense about her. Thanks for the style kid..I'll be back so you can tough it out with me again.

She's going to get a surprise of an art piece I am knitting. It can hang on her wall at home. I actually have seen some old framed pieces here in SD that are made out of hair (past loved ones). Nooo, I am not going to do that but thought it was interesting.

So see you later...



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Options And Opinions

I just love my Harmony Nickel Options tips....Oh and as far as opinions & comments on this blog of mine I am appreciative that to the people that are reading and commenting.
I do not expect people to agree with my opinions nor me theirs but I do like to know the other side. Just like knitting one side is the side you want to show and the other may still look great but the pattern doesn't see it that way.

I hope that made since to all. So, we all can have our spin on everything but we all must be proud Americans that we can have our own voices and do the best that we can.

Peace to all,


The Handknit Coat

This is Humphrey Bogart at age 9 in the winter month of November 2007. It was verrry cold as I had clipped his coat. Obviously the red boots are just too cool.

He is tolerant of me dressing him in winter gear as long as it doesn't restrict him. He is a cutie.

Alright so as I was tagged now you are tagged and need to pick the 6th photo in the 6th folder and write about it on your blog...

Thank you Elle for the fun,.,,,,,,

I'll catch you another time. So go for it...this way we get to meet more bloggers and knitters....

The first lucky blogger is Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. So here is your reward. You can check it out. It was fun.

And the next lucky duck is I am excited that you are commenting.

I have to finish this up as today is LAUNDRY day!!!!!!! And I have to finish mine.

I'm still willing to give the new Administration a fair chance. I want to see the glass 1/2 full and not empty. I knew it would take much more than 100 days to make a difference as we didn't get here over night...just seems that way.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To Unravel Old Yarn

As someone who worked hard on Sen. Daschles' reelection in South Dakota & knew how much he had done for us, I was encouraged he would be in a position to help the Country again.

I am disappointed in all of our legislatures, they are in there positions because of the people in our Nation. What is going on is nothing new in politics. Read our history..back track & see it hasn't changed.

I do believe Pres. Obama does want to do good & does believe in "The Rule of Law", but changes cannot come in 100 days of office. It will be slow & we will take 2 steps back & one forward. We WILL make it though and will be much better for it.

Keep our chins up & support those that really want to change. Keep knitting & unravel & soak the old yarn is renewable and so are we.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Knitting with Fabric

I just raided my material for sewing...found some beautifully bright florals to rip & tear to knit with. Oh I love the idea of using t-shirts, sheets & a wonderful choice of fabrics to knit for yourself.

Go to: wait until you see her blog. Wow!!!! What a talent. I belong to a group on that she started and there is hope for all of us.

Anyway, I made choc. mint chip brownies...I don't share those with the dogs (NO CHOC.).
I'm not going to blog too much as I have to address my knitting.

I hope all of you have a great evening...I'm going to.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Learning to Knit

Good Day. So I played with changing my blog up & getting to know more about it. I appreciate Blogspot & Twitter as they allow you to learn. Believe me the info is there.

I am trying to write every day but I have to knit for sure today. I touched the yarn yesterday but had no time to knit. I must today..maybe the sock project?? (oh my)!!!

I am addicted to this now but I am finding the greatest people to interact with. I live in a very rural area & did not raise my family here. It's hard to be involved when kids aren't in school & you do not have a job outside the home.

Have to leave for now & Twitter the kids.....
Have a great Sunday.