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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Was I Thinking???

So last week we had some nasty late night rain and high winds. I'm walking the dogs and there it WAS
mouth open and looking for food.

I put him in a large flower pot. Looked online to find out what to feed him (or her). So I have some little
cans of "Chef Michael's" dog food.....perfect. The site said to feed it with a chop stick!!! Yeah, I have them too.

What I didn't realize (because of course I needed to feed the lil bird) is it NEEDS feeding every 1/2 hour from sunrise to sunset....Boy it is a cutie though.

So the next night another storm and glory be....the nest falls and is in great shape. So my newest buddy is very happy with his temporary home (we have no rehabs in South Dakota).

The next morning at 8:11 am he's verrry hungry. So my day has started..

This is now his 6th day with us ( the 2 dogs) and has feathers coming out...he is thriving.
It's always a great feeling when your kids thrive. He loves me to rub his lil head as he had 4 siblings that died in the storm...very cute.

I just can't wait til he's a full fledgling and show him how to get his own fridge for this child....



  1. ... every .... half.... hour....

    Thank goodness he's okay after sunset!! (And I thought human teenagers were bad!)

  2. yes, but now he has feathers & is being very picky..I hope he makes it..

    Checking online to see what I can do now...

  3. I raised some, those little wind tossed birdies when the nest couldn't be found. Did you get the fledgling bundled off to a center to fly in a flight cage? Sorry I saw this so late! Bad me!