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Saturday, December 24, 2011

DECEMBER 24th, 2011

Sorry I have been away  for so long. I was knitting alot of birthday and then Christmas gifts for my family...
can't tell you about what I made until 12/25/11....

Did I mention I hate holidays and family occasions!!! Okay so I am allowed to be a grinch...It gets really dull and very boring trying to entertain myself all the time.

This past year has finally leveled out..who knew turning 62 was such crap..Early retirement my butt!!!!!
It's actually early to your grave, and yes I am smiling and knitting.

Life is better now and am looking forward to 2012!!!!!!

Bring it on cause I am ready...

Peace to all,


oh don't be pity party is over!!!!


  1. It's ok to feel like griping once in awhile. It's part of life to be disappointed, and if you can't tell those close to you, then a blog is a good place to be heard.

    I hope that since holidays are past that you are looking forward to Spring. Spring is out there just waiting to shower us with beauty. Hugs to you Darla! Hang in there, Girlfriend!

  2. Hi Darla! I hope you are coming out of that "blue" period. It happened to me too. We are about the same age. Just hang in there, you'll completely come out of it and be completely happy again! I hope it happen soon!!!