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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Day Of Rememberance

I remember sitting the entire day watching the television when Katrina hit Mississippi and Louisiana knowing my son in law ,who was serving in Iraq ,didn't know the danger that was upon his immediate family and friends.

I called looking to make sure his Mom & Dad were safe as they left the area. They were. I spoke alot to my daughter as she had so much to worry about at that time.

His family lost alot but thank God they are safe. No more High School in Gulfport for his memories upon his return. I reflect on what has not been done to help more the Americans who still are in need of help in these areas.

Now I sit in front of the TV watching the funeral of Sen. Ted Kennedy. It has been quite a different day than we have seen in the Kennedy lives. I learned alot in the last few days of the Senator as a human being. He really did come into his own.

He will be missed by all as a champion for all who were in need or were just wanting the rights as Americans they should have.

I am knitting as it makes me happy and this is a celebration of a life .

Being a woman and having a disability and working for advocacy for others makes me sad to see him gone.


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