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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have missed blogging. I have had alot of knitting time since I last blogged.

The ADA Presentation went great. Next year, the 20th anniversary will be so important to all of us. Have been busy working advocacy online as well as locally.

I lost a dear friend last month. I can't express how hard it was for me as well as her family. Yes she is out of pain and safe but I miss her terribly and will never forget Verla.

I had quite an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach all day today. With Senator Kennedys' death I reflected on what an impact in my life and many others (baby boomers) has had on us. I think back to all of the tragedy that struck us during the time that we were teens. The changes that came out of the pain that was put on us as a Nation. It did shape us in many ways.

I am still proud to be a liberal democrat and so lucky to have been born when I was so that I can still feel a part of many important days in our history.

God Bless and peace,


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  1. Hey, D! Glad to see you back, sorry you've had a rough month. *Hugs!*