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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Short Write

It's one os those curl up and read or knit days. I did cook a roast beef, potatoes and
brussel sprouts (brussel sprouts in oven with purple grapes) oooh good.

It's not usual that I cook a real dinner for myself...really not fun to cook for yourself.
Well today was the kind of day to cook for real.

I'm knitting a neck warmer with some Lion Brand Homespun yarn that Linda sent me.
I need a large button to use for closure....It's really cute. Will take photo tomorrow.

Oh the movie "Salt" was really dood. Did enjoy the girls' was alot of fun..

Have a great start to the week to all....




  1. The roast beef sounds yummy! Looking forward to seeing the neck warmer.

  2. I really like Lion Brand's Homespun yarn. It works up really well! Looking forward to seeing photos!

  3. I keep meaning to remember to bring my iPod to work so I can rent "Salt" - I've wanted to see it since it came out!

    PS, also a fan of roast beef and neckwarmers. But not neckwarmers *of* roast beef; that's a little too Lady Gaga for me!

  4. Cute..yes, the roast beef is goood.