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Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Friends

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Back in September, After 20 yrs. my cousin and friend , Jan was looking at blogs...guess what she found me.
We lost touch after my many back surgeries and my moving to Florida....

We used to ski and really be the best of friends. I thought of her often and
wondered what she was up to. Well now I know...she's knitting like me. So as in the past we speak almost daily.

She is a nurse now...and doing private duty. Gosh, missed out on alot....
We have caught up very quickly..I of course sent her to then she told me about
this specialty yarn she purchased....Mink and

I didn't know about a few days later I go and get the mail and yes, she sent me that
beautiful 70% mink /30% cashmere from
. I do not need to tell you what a surprise and thoughtful gift from an old lost friend.

It just seems that we have connected right where we left off. Older, wiser (well???) and can't wait
to drink some tea together.

Thanks Jan..cause I have really missed Sly used to say, "We are family".......

To you,

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