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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Am Back With A Vengance & I Won

Oh my goodness..first I want to thank all who kept me in their prayers & thoughts. So much for simple as I ended up with pneumonia and 104 temp.

I still have some of a cough but am finally up and feeling better.

Guess what??? I made my fist pair of socks....YEAH!!!! Couldn't knit or read when I was sick..much too weak but 2 days ago I said I will win and the socks will not.

I will take pics tomorrow and post on and here on my blog.

I really missed writing and cannot believe it has been since March 2nd. I couldn't even sit down to the computer & was awful. I did receive 2 packages from my swaps which I need to respond to each of the ladies. It kept me going for sure.
I actually used some of the beautiful yarn that was sent to me by Cheryl...ooh she is great and has really gotten me hooked on Milagro kettle dyed yarn from Uruguay..I love it and can't wait to but some.

Well now I have to get going & catch up on my blog reading as I know I missed out on so much while being ill.

Thank you again for caring,



  1. Missed you, too! I'm glad you're doing better - I hadn't realized you'd gotten pneumonia on top of everything else.

    Can't wait to see the sock pics...!

  2. I have missed you too Darla.. It's good to see that you are back!Im glad you won with the socks♥