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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Camera

I finally did it..I bought batteries. I cannot believe they cost me $8.79 plus tax.
Guess I need to invest in a charger as I do have rechargeable somewhere. What is the problem when a person (me) will not go out and purchase the darn batteries.

I have a digital so I have no excuse for not getting the film printed. So it is done and pics will be coming on my blog and Ravelry.

So watch for my projects finally. I have given alot as gifts but I can start from NOW..

Have a great week,


  1. Yay!!! Photos!!!

    My husband has done Extensive Research on Battery Chargers. If your camera takes standard-sized batteries (AA or AAA), I can ask him which is the best charger to get.

  2. Yay for batteries.. Now let's see those photos!!

  3. Okay knitters I'm almost ready for photos..

    Let me know what your hubbie suggests for a charger....

  4. Does it take AA batteries, or AAA, and how often do you expect to use the device? (These are evidently Important Questions before my husband hands down his suggestions from On High.)

  5. It uses 4-AA batteries. And once I start I will use it much mre than I HAVEN'T been ( need new pics for everthing).

    Thank your husband for me ...