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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Am Back With A Vengance

Alright I really cannot explain what happened but I fudged on writing and looks like everything else online.....

I apologize to all. I really am enjoying life at 60 but seemed to be busy knitting, swapping and just being. Some small crisis now and then but all is well for the most part.

I have been interviewed for our local paper and have to get copies in the mail to my friends and family around the states. I'm sure they will be surprised. The young lady who interviewed me was great. I am not from South Dakota and have no family here but I enjoy the lazy lifestyle I have hustle like back east..

I have been knitting like crazy and still find it hard to find a balance for reading and participating in the outside world (ok just away from home).

Gotta go but will start being more disciplined about writing and reading..I promise...

Peace to all,



  1. congratulations Darla on the newspaper. I hope you will share the article with us here. Happy Knitting, it's good to hear from you♥

  2. Congratulations on the article. I have neglected my blog as well. Oh well, life happens.

  3. Yes I will share the article but 1st must mail it to kids..