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Thursday, June 4, 2009

What A Day!!

Sorry but it was laundry day and I actually HUNG sheets and coverlets outside ( I must be getting old). They smell sooo good can't wait to climb in them in a few.

Also planted all my seeds and flowers...finally.
Now grow....

Have been knitting like crazy and trying to catch up in my groups on
Seems I don't have enough time again. Also just keep on knitting..can't stop ...I love it. Going to make some row counters with handmade clay beads for my $10 Swap Group.

Also working on invitations to 80 business people, government & medical persons for the "19th ADA Celebration" July 23rd. So it's going great and have a wonderful speaker for the presentation. We have a local Group to get the ADA word out and Peer Support to those in need. Love to gather information that can help others besides myself.

The day has well ended and good nite to all...sweet dreams,


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