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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Last Few Days

Wow, what a much time to reflect on ones self after losing so many young people. MJ what can I say but that he was a star like no other. Farrah had the courage I wish I could have in very hard times ....

It is sad when we see someone we have never met but have enjoyed for the last 40 years the spirit they had to entertain us. It reminds me of how hard the life we lead is. It isn't easy and thank goodness I am not in the spotlight.

June is strange here as last night the temp. actually was 57 degrees. It did feel good to open the windows to sleep by. Unfortunately it got me so relaxed that I read for an hour (2am). So I didn't get up very early.

I'm still knitting alot. I have been making project bags and purses from cotton yarn. Great for the summer to throw in the wash and hang to dry.

Well must go and finish a project and start another. And put the dogs to bed.

Peace and great week ahead,


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  1. so well said, thanks. This has been quite a month.. I went by way to fast imo♥