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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday after Saturday and before Monday


I tried to blog on Saturday but I was too busy knitting. I am really hooked on this wonderful art.It was cold and rainy so why not!

It's a good thing I have lots of time to do this otherwise I would be in deep trouble. I can't seem to get enough. What a great addiction.

As I spend the majority of my time alone except for 2 lil dogs and an occasional phone call ,I have filled many hours with knitting. Seems I don't have time to read anymore and am backed up with 17 great books to read. I do have the television on so I can listen while creating.

I also think about my $10 Swap Group, which I adore. Friends all over the world and a surprise every month. And then I get to put a box together for them. It has been so much fun.

Well must get to bed and try not to think of what to knit next!

May all your flowers bloom this summer...



  1. I long for the day, when I can knit to my hearts content♥ I know it is coming... Happy Knitting!

  2. No you really don't's hard when there is not much else to do. I love it but I enjoy peolpe and it's hard becoming a recluse of sorts. Ravelry has brought so much into my life.

    So becareful what you ask for cause you might get it unexpectedly when you don't want it.

    You are so fortunate to have friens and family near. Oh to be able to work again...that would be a pleasure.

    Bless you for you,


  3. Wheee! Bunny!

    (Missed this post last week when I was under the weather. It's very sad to miss Cute Bunny Posts!)

  4. I'm so glad you are knitting and blogging again, Dar.

    about bunnies. When I was thirteen, I caught a baby cottontail rabbit who had something wrong with him. I took him to a Veterinary friend who removed the big parasitic cyst, and them I raised the bunny for a pet. They got those things in the wild, and I'd fallen in love with him by that time and didn't want him to suffer anything else. What wonderful and cute little guy you have in your hands.