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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knitting Presents

So today I finished a Christmas present and began working on another. Will put pics up after Christmas.

The project I completed today was made from t-shirt yarn which I made from cotton shirts. It was hard on my hands...really dried them out. It was fun to recycle though.

The next project is for one of my grand daughters...she's going to love it. I'm lucky that so far everyone enjoys my hand knit items they have received. I have read alot of knitters don't get that enjoyment of knowing an item they have knit for days or weeks is not appreciated.

Well going to watch "Dexter" and then head for wonder I can't get to sleep at night (a serial killer?)!!!


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  1. I keep being surprised when you mention having grandchildren... the person in the picture I have of you in my head is somewhere between eighteen and twenty-four!