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Monday, November 2, 2009

"No Reply"

Oh what a great song by McCartney/Lennon......"No Reply". To have grown up and marked special events by "The Beatles" is magnificent. I love being a baby boomer and have seen and heard the wonderful musicians of our era.

It is odd how each song meant something different back in the day and reflected on that period of time in our lives.

I can still listen to all the wonderful music and remember the times. Frusteration, fun, peace & love among us all.. It's fun to know our children and now our grandkids are exposed and enjoying this music. It seems to mean something different for each of us. I was remembering an old boyfriend from my "Sweet 16" party. How funny is that.

Well enjoy this week.....and by the way GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace & Love,
Darla (Stella)


  1. Looove the Beatles! My son's favorite carousel in Central Park plays Obladi Oblada. It always makes me happy...

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. You are a much appreciated reader!


  2. I love the Beatles too and continue to enjoy their music--reminds me of the joy and excitement of youth.

    Thanks for reminding me.