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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yarn Help

So I want everyone to be ready as today I need help...big time. If any of you have suggestions ( and we know who you are) please let me know here or on Ravelry,(dacg).

I have purchased some beautiful yarns that are discontinued but don't know what stitches to use or what pattern I could use to show it off and the pricing is wonderful..okay I'll give it up for us internet shoppers because we have no LYS, ,. I check so many sites for the best prices of yarn and shipping costs and have found this last week an abudance of wonderfully pricey yarns I could purchase for great markdowns.

I also need to mention as they are fast at getting my orders out.

  • I have been swatching with different size needles and trying all types of stitches which doesn't seem to help me. I am having fun though. Have to find a book that will help me with the textures and fibers of differnt yarns.

    So here they are:

    Cascade 128, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool (100 gms,128yds, size 10/10 1/2 needles), it is a wonderful yarn & I want more.

    Berroco Cuzco, 50% Superfine Alpaca & 50% Peruvian Wool (100 gms, 130yds, size 10 Needles), ooh it is so soft.

    Rowan Chunky Print , 100% Wool (100gms, 109yds, size 13 needles), its think & thin and wonderfully colorful yarn (many colors in it's variegation's).

    I bought these on sale and want more & there's plenty for the getting...I just don't know enough of what to do with yarns with beautiful texture to it. Being newer to knitting and expanding my interest I need help.

    I have 2 hanks of each (but will order more at reasonable prices too) to work with at the moment and want to purchase ASAP.

    I have checked my pattern books and others to see what I might luck. I went on the Internet to no avail..(some are yarns they no longer are showing patterns for...I also checked

    My next step after tonite is to hit during the day and see who might help me..

    Thank you ahead for the help...

    Good Night and peace,



  1. I tend to just go by "hey, this is pretty!" Do you have access to any stitch dictionaries (like the Barbara G. Walker Treasury of Knit Stitches)? I've done a couple of headbands out of random yarn, just using anything I thought was pretty.

    If it's got a good texture & color, you could combine the skeins to make a stripey sweater, just from stockinette stitch?

  2. Hi Daral--thanks for the nice comment on my blog---and I'm glad you like my Foxy Art Studio blog ;-) and thanks for adding me to you to your blogroll. I would just buy a good book with knitting stitches --I like : The Harmony Guide to Knitting, techniques and stitches ---or something like that (I would buy it used) and I would swatch ---I like to knit squares as swatches--then eventually you can sew the squares together to make a pillow or throw or something...I have decided to concentrate on knitting all types of hats (trying out various stitches in the round) over the summer--to sell at a craft market in the fall...for $$$ to buy more yarn;-)

  3. I knew you Ladies would come through. I do have a stitch dictionary but I must need a more asdvanced one with MORE stitches.

  4. Have you checked out The Knitter's Book of Yarn
    by Clara Parkes, It has a ton of info on this. I enjoyed it and it helped me a lot. Good Luck!!