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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've Got To Go!!!!!

After tapping all week end and now in extreme distress (I do have a disability, which I try to ignore) after bending my knees & tap dacing, pounding my toes then heels & then both
I can't do it all..

I don't remember feeling every muscle in my body for a very long time. They have been retired for quite a while.

I am not giving up but warming up more. I will not give in to the discomfort because I am having too much fun!!!

Voice is deeper but they need me with all those sopranos...dancing and keeping time well someone has to show the 16 yr. olds of the world that 60 is okay and it certainly isn't what 60 was for my Mom....

Keep smiling and "The Show Must Go ON!!!!!! Oh don't forget the Grammy's...,.

Peace and lots of Freeze It..


  1. I sing tenor (which surprises folks, since my speaking voice is on the squeaky side), but spent several years singing alto in my church choir in Denver, since there were only two (including me), and a LOT of church music is actually centered on the alto line.

    Thanks to the lead (professional singer!) singing the right notes in my ear, I was able to reproduce them loudly enough that Two were enough.

    Sounds like you're having a blast - hope the warming up more (and getting back into the swing) has you tapping happily by opening night!

  2. And so, my friend, how does it go? I am very happy for you, hoofing it and so happily at 60, but it's been awhile since you checked in here..

    You ok? You have your legs under you?

    Did the weather intervene?