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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've Got To Go!!!!!

After tapping all week end and now in extreme distress (I do have a disability, which I try to ignore) after bending my knees & tap dacing, pounding my toes then heels & then both
I can't do it all..

I don't remember feeling every muscle in my body for a very long time. They have been retired for quite a while.

I am not giving up but warming up more. I will not give in to the discomfort because I am having too much fun!!!

Voice is deeper but they need me with all those sopranos...dancing and keeping time well someone has to show the 16 yr. olds of the world that 60 is okay and it certainly isn't what 60 was for my Mom....

Keep smiling and "The Show Must Go ON!!!!!! Oh don't forget the Grammy's...,.

Peace and lots of Freeze It..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Very Busy ..Still Knitting

Alright, I now am starting to take some photos for my blog.

Tonite is the beginning of rehearsal hell.....every day except Wednesday. My muscles hurt in places I had forgotten about at least 15 yrs. ago.

I am still working on the shawl. Now I see why it takes so long to knit one...lots of yardage and
little stitches. So I am cheating..,SURPRISE!!! I began with size 0 then size 2....again to 3.5 and then 5us and now I am on 7 circulars (didn't like that one as my needles were too slippery. So I have put the stitches back on to a size 8 straight needle...

I know I will eventually have to go back to circulars ( unless I am knitting for my dog), because of the number of stitches involved (and boy are they!).

So have a great Thursday and will try to post in the next few days....

"Keep tapping cause you can't stop laughing" by Me


Very Busy ..Still Knitting

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I missed My 1st Anniversary!!

I missed January first whole year of blogging...

This makes my 121st post and I promise to work harder

this year.

I was going to have a contest but I totally screwed that up...

well how about maybe a contest on April 18th,2010..*********

My birthday. In this way I won't forget & I can really

work out a great contest after the play has had its run.

So put it on your calenders..APRIL 18th, 2010 contest!!!!!!!

Sorry guys,


Making a Shawl

I bought the most beautiful lace weight, hand painted yarn from this company...ooh, it's going to take awhile to knit but I'm enjoying playing with it.

The yarn has small colorways of a rust, browns & other beautiful fall colors.

will take a picture in the next few days as I get further on in the knitting.

I have singing rehearsal this evening so must go and practice my notes. This weekend will be crazy as we have a Tap Dance Teacher coming to work with us.....I know that my back & legs will be sore but I want to have some fun!!!!

Have a great week,


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Facebook | My Links

Facebook My Links

Check this out...if you search with this toolbar you can donate to the charity of your choice and it will
donate money for you...

Just check it out !!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I am touched so by the First Responders as always. It is fascinating that we can as humans get down to it and help others..asking for nothing of us but to help them find their family members.

They are all in our prayers and will stay for a very long time in our hearts.

God Bless......


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello 2010: Busy Busy

Well my boring life has now gotten insanely busy.. Actually I am loving it..I finally started on FaceBook and many friends from high school days have found me. It is quite the lift that was needed.

Now I am in a musical, yes a musical in our local Community Theatre. We are doing the play
"Nunsence" which if I remember sometime in the eighties off-Broadway.

This coinciding with my friends from Central Catholic High girls on the right side of the school & boys on the left, taught by The Sisters of Notre Dame, and the play about wild.
Singing, tap dancing and wearing a nuns' ,who would have thought!!!!

Tonight is our 3rd rehearsal out of the minimum we will be doing before the 5....did you see that I said 5 shows!

So I have been coming home about 9:30, take the dogs out, check the DVR and then knit for a few hours.

Have a great night,

ps. I am going to start using a "drop spindle"........