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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Knitting and Sisters

I can't tell you what all my knitting has done for me but I will try.

I just received some new yarn from this morning. Oh what a pleasure to open that package of Brown Sheep Lanaloft, Celery and Twilleys Freedom Spirit Yarn in Soul. I already started a pair of socks for me!!!!!

I had the funniest day yesterday texting back and forth with my Sister. I needed her calf, leg & bottom of her foot here she is in her office with an aluminum ruler .. texting me the numbers..all of a sudden I started to picture her going through the motions her big sister asked her to perform. No questions asked mind you just blind obedience. I began to laugh out loud so loud the dogs started to get upset. What if they have cameras?? Does she think I really went over the edge?? Well, on Nov. 25th her birthday she will know why I made her do these strange things at work.

It's hard to be far apart...we haven't seen each other in a few years (and that was at Mom's deathbed)and probably won't for a long time

So here's to all the sisters in the world who live a distance apart but can still laugh with each other over the silliest things we do. I love you Dorie.....


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