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Monday, October 5, 2009

Paradise Fibers Website

Oh how I love looking at the yarns for sale on all the websites I go to. Especially and

Just to pick two of my favs today. I can purchase $19.95 hank of yarn, which I could never afford in a LYS, for $5.99 and wait 3 days and it's in my hands. I love the experience of knitting with all different fibers.

Having no LYS nearby is a loss as I cannot fondle the yarn before purchasing. My yarn websites give me the chance in the description the touch and feel of this yarn. Thank you sooo much .

I also purchase my dpn's and knitting needles at these sites. I have always dealt with great people when calling and asking questions about my orders.

I need to learn how to combine different fibers to knit together. I'm still learning but want to use huge needles(35) 4 or 5 different yarns to make something. I'm working on that. Will go to and ask in the forums how to manage this.

Have a great week (and it's raining here).


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