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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Socks

The only great and fun thing about our cold, rainy weather is that I get to wear my wool hand knit socks that I made last winter!!

I started a new pair for myself last evening and have completed the first one
(yes, dpn's 7.5US) of the pair. They are Lanaloft Wool in celery.

I just love the softness of the wool...ooh wonderful. Third pair..just for ME!!!!

I still have some birthday gifts for the grandchildren to complete and also for
my sisters' birthday in November. Then it's on to complete Christmas gifts
knitting away.....

I went to volunteer day at our local nursing home. Had lots of fun and made a scare crow out of clothing & stuffed it with newspaper. I won 1st prize cause I brought 3 people with me. And the Pumpkin cake was delicious!!!

So, I have made a commitment to go at least once every month to visit, read, write letters or lose at scrabble. This I can do and have fun.

Well have a great Thursday and I'll be at our library for our reading group . It's interesting hearing the views of other people and what they interpret from the same book.


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