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Monday, December 7, 2009


Sorry for being gone so long but have been very busy knitting and volunteering locally.

Tomorrow I'll be packing boxes for 88 families in my local area so they can have a great Christmas meal.
Here in town they have done "The 29 Days of Christmas". Each day you were to donate an item from the list or $$$ if you could. They have almost filled "The Wards Store" front window.

One family who was here visiting for Thanksgiving (from another state) and bought a huge amount of goods that cannot be bought with Food Stamps. It really makes you feel great that others will help your community and not even leave their names.

So a shout out to all who give during this and any time of year to those less fortunate/



  1. no worries Darla... you are doing good work. God Bless you♥

  2. Darla, that is such a wonderful project you and your neighbors have all created in your town. So many more are in need this year that it's scary. Kudos to you for helping so many.

  3. Wow, that sounds like an amazing project! (And I echo what Cici said!)