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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Packages mailed

So yesterday was "Pack up gifts" to be mailed to Kansas. It is complete and lots of knitting projects which (I hope) they will enjoy.

I volunteered on Thursday at Good Sam Nursing home and watched the fifth gragers make gingerbread houses. Wow are they creative!! I never would have thought of a swing set made
made of pretzels and gumdrops. Icing for the glue of course. The boys can be proud as they helped a few of the residents make houses of their own (actually the kids did the work).

We had one lady who would spread frosting on her graham crackers THEN eat it. Not just one but many. So it was fun.

Then Thursday eve I went to audition for our local Community Theatre Group. I made it!!!! Don't know what part as yet but it's going to be loads of fun. Oh, did I tell you it's a musical!!!!
"Nunscance"....very appropriate for a Catholic High School graduate!!! It's so funny and it will be in the beginning of March. Finally found my calling......A NUN???

I'll keep you informed.


I guess singing & dancing and learning lines & songs will be quite the task after so many years.
Class of 67, CCHS

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  1. Hi Darla,

    Looks like you're going to have a very busy exciting year ahead of you.

    Best Regards,