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Thursday, January 6, 2011


I was having a slow start up knitting this new year. I knitted a
simple pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter. She said her hands
get cold when she is at the research library late in the evenings.

So being Mom and having a request for something I can knit, I preceded
to grab my needles and some beautiful "lambs Pride Cotton Fleece", and they were in the mail to her... that was a great feeling.

Now with all the beautiful yarns I have collected and needles I have to use
I've decided to make myself a scarf. Not a complicated one with my
mink & cashmere but with an acrylic (but oh so soft) which I purchased
for $.50 at a thrift store that I love to shop at.

Oh nothing fancy in the stitches either. Just plain old reliable garter

I figure with the new yarns I purchased the last week online I'll be
busy knitting socks and new gifts for everyone this year..


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