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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tatting Memories

As a child I remember my Mom sitting at the table or a comfortable
chair. She had this funny looking thing with lots of string. She
seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Lots of concentration with
what she was doing.

A few days later I watched as she hung her beautiful piece that
she created to the shades. Oh, it was to pull the shades down.

For me it's just one of the great memories of my childhood.
How I wish she were here to watch me knit and how much I enjoy it.

I've thought about tatting but couldn't give up my knitting
to start something new (too big a stash now). So I was looking
at blogs and found this great one on Tatting. She has plenty
to get you started and to continue with this craft.

So go to the above blog and enjoy, hopefully you have memories
that will come to mind in your childhood.

How I wish Mom had showed me to tat...




  1. Tat knot's blog is a great one. So glad you found a resource to get started. There are many more tatting blogs out there to peruse and enjoy, should the mood strike.

    Here is a link to a map of other tatters if you decide you want to learn:

  2. I want to thank you for the heads up
    on Tatting..fingers going there now.