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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am really trying hard this 2011...I  just donated  $25 to the Cancer Walk here in De Smet.
This gives me three months at the motel swimming pool for aerobics...

I love to swim and always have until I moved here 10 1/2 yrs ago. Lakes with green
floating stuff isn't too much fun trying to scrap it from your body. I also was a certified
diver in Florida (learned while working on the "Warm Mineral Spring" archaeology
underwater project. What fun!!!!!

So I'm hoping to lose 11 lbs. and get my back & leg muscles working again. Three
back surgeries in the 80's doesn't help when I'm reaching another year of my life
in April. I am a person that likes to be & do this in a group. Am very excited.

SO I AM CHEATING A pink ( I don't like it) one piece but being as I
checked out my dive bag & found my "Puma dive skin. Wow the entire body will
be covered including the fans under my arms..

Will keep you posted & hope my plan will work.


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