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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A NEW YEAR - 2011

 It may seem late to send New Year wishes to you all but I have really been very

I made a resolution to be more active on I have changed
some of my groups and taken some away. I will have to work hard at being
attentive to my Fiber Friends. I don't know how thesee women do as much as
they do everyday.

 I made and completed many knitted gifts this year but.......
still no photos...that's the next item I need to complete! I don't take great pics
so I could practice. Just lazy I guess...

The next : to get in the habit again of writing my Blog, change up my template
(needs to be upgraded) and replying to others blogs and not just reading them.

So far I'm on track and hope I can continue......

See you tomorrow,


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