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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


What memories I have of 1986...myt 3rd back surgery (22 mos. in a hospital bed) & watching the terrible Challenger failure. My life wasn't that was an eyeopener for all of us.

So, laundry almost done...yeah!! Then I can concentrate on tv? knitting?? or food!!
I actually got to speak to my daughter today as they had an ice storm out East.
Went to the doctor & all is well. Tried to talk him into reading my blog (maybe not a great idea, it may prove insanity) but he's not really into it..I'll work on him.
He's young & has a 2yr.old so what was I thinking...I'm his patient of course he has no time.

Went to lunch at our local Bistro..."Wards Store" , here in De Smet, SD. It's great....espresso, breakfast, lunch (homemade of course) & all the baked goods you could want. Patty is a riot..Showed her my blog & my knitting, told her I would write about my little town lunch experience. It's great to solve the problems in the world around your local eatery. Oh, you can shop too...clothes ,books & fun stuff. And always chatter!!!!

Okay Patty....DEAL with it.

Have to finish back later more to say.



  1. sounds like a great shop. Yes we had our big snow for the year I hope. Raining now, hopefully it will be all gone by tomorrow. Back surgery,,ouch

  2. Ah back surgery. My husband knows all too well about those! I hope you are doing well!