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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Following Patterns

Well today is Sunday. It is sunny out and cold. I've tried to think of something to knit but I think I burnt myself out after the holiday sprint.
Yesterday I wrote every politician that has ties to South Dakota...Tomorrow will be an email day from them. More layoffs...huge state budget sad for all of us.
Enough of that!

So I'm trying to change the pattern of my life by writing and knitting every day. I don't work anymore but seem to have not enough time in the 24 hours given to me. What am I doing up at 3AM....reading, walking dogs for the nite and just don't lay down,get a drink (might die of thirst ya know) then to the ladies room . No I am not hyperactive & never have been. Guess it's cabin fever or I might miss something.

Tomorrow will be busy as I have appointments. Yeah a reason to leave the home. Can't wait for spring, not sure why as I really don't mind the snow or even the cold cause I can wear different clothes and sometimes 2 sets(kidding)at a time.

Do need new boots next year though...but not for many months.
Alright back to patterns. I seem to want to create my own spin on a knitting pattern I happen to be using. What is wrong with me that I cannot follow the darn thing? I understand it but now that I think about it ..must be my willful nature. Well that's what the nuns said...

Have a great day & start Monday by NOT following a pattern but step out of your groove, I am!!!!