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Friday, January 16, 2009

Knitting Complete & Life Changed

Alright I finished a lavender, white & purple toilet tissue cover for a friend's bathroom.
I designed it myself..that may not seem like much but I've only been knitting for 9mos.
I love using stitch patterns...from a stitch directory. Just love it...will do pics later(I have to look up how).
It amazes me that I can do this and actually be a bit creative with knitting...It is calming for me and the living room is full of yarn. I can't even stash it , I might miss it too much. That will come later.Thank you Kate for the 11lbs. you sent me, what a blessing you are in my world.

I'm still trying to begin socks....I actually started this blog to avoid not beginning them now..
Why am I scared???? Just a pr. of socks for myself. No one even has to see them, right?
I have the dpn's and even the 40" for "The Magic Loop". oh yeah the Loop...Can't figure
that one out yet. I figure it must be like a relationship....start verrrry careful
and not push the envelope, one level at a time.
Oh, if I only believed that one.

Well the dogs are in more barking...stressing me out! Too much noise, I quess that is why we have kids young. I didn't mind being interrupted then and liked the noise. When you live alone for a verrry long time you aren't used to that anymore. Not that I feel I'm a quiet person as anyone who knows me understands. I talk alot!!! That's why I figured blogging might be an outlet for me.

Off to the couch now and watch the shows I dvr......yes I dvr everything...just in case.
Not surewhy but I don't want to miss a thing...never enough time in a day.

Good Night and Peace to All....


  1. welcome to blog land. Where there is no turning back!Socks are easy!!! go ahead give them a try:)

  2. Welcome to our world! Knitting socks are not hard, but I never enjoy knitting them. You will do great, and magic loop is not hard to figure out...Heh he he, I discovered it by accident! :)