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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wow, what a day yesterday was. Full of hope & promise in being an American.

So I'm doing the laundry and thinking of felting a great wool sweater I have and making a tote for myself. Looks fairly easy & why not.

Okay I tried did not work well..maybe need bamboo dpn's as yarn kept slipping off.
So I'm making baby leg warmers for my grand-neice. I have really nice Lilly Chin sock yarn but it is lighter than thean winter wools.

I will be trying again I will not give in or up.

I went to what a great site for all that is going on in our Government & the blog...lots of information. So sign up & enjoy.


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  1. Heh. I like the idea of "knitting the Nation together". That really is what'll be happening.

    (PS, Followed you here from the Resos2009 group on Ravelry.)