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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just Love the Excitement!

What a day...watching the train with our President-Elect & Family onboard. How exciting, can't wait for the Jan. 20th...It's great to have a person we can hope for. I'm happy with the transition so far, and must give President Bush credit for working this right.

We all need to have hope...look at me.......THE van started at 4:00 today & off to the grocery store I went. Can't believe I hadn't been downtown since thursday a week ago. Well we needed 32degrees.
Watching & knitting and checking out other blogs. Very interesting people we knitters are and very kind too.

Going to the couch and work on my swap for [] group, {Swap 2}.

I love the big city but it's hard to manage alone. Something about the spirit of NY or DC.
Yeah it's hyper and loud but there's always a hum there.

Enjoy your weekend,

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