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Friday, April 3, 2009

Change In The Air

I think I want to change my blog up...I need to put in some work now that I have a better idea of what I want. More color & refine it a's not popping for me
(beige is what I see)need bright & cheerful.

If it snows this week end that and more socks is what I will do.

Going to watch "Australia" on my did I live without it.

Finished 2 pairs of socks and will begin a spring one next. Although it looks like I'll need more wool for our spring this year.

Have a great week end and enjoy life,



  1. I like it. It turned out nicely. The colors and layout is user friendly.

  2. Ah... Socks! I love to knit them. I'm hoping to get back to knitting soon after a bit of weed pulling, and the hay fever, lol. Are you still enjoying your knitting?

    I read about the changes in the Holidays. DH and I still color eggs and enjoy doing that little bit of color work together. :o) Anything fun is worth it. The kids are all very far away and haven't kept the Hols like we did when they were small.

  3. PS, I like the colors of your blog. Very comforting and spring like.