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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter And A Movie

I'm up late and not having to color eggs or hide them around the house (the dogs don't look for them)I decided to watch the movie "DOUBT" As I understand everyone has a different feeling or perspective after seeing this movie (it was a play on Broadway).

Being brought up in the Catholic Church and going to Catholic High school in the days when they wore habits, I found the movie really interesting. It brought back a feelings of being taught by nuns and just girls in the classes. The good, the bad and the indifferent too late 1960's high school girls.

It brought back feelings of missing the good old days and the changes we as teens went through during the period of the first and second Ecumenical Councils. Very strict then very different. I always have missed the Latin Mass, after all there was English on the right page of our Missals to follow and we took Latin in school. We did pay attention too.

We covered our heads and never wore slacks out of respect and there was special mood of ancient times for listening and speaking this "dead language". So maybe I am a little old fashioned in certain events of the past.

So if you get a chance see this movie..great acting and some memories of 1964.

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  1. Happy Easter!!!! I was raised Catholic too. My daughter and I saw this movie together. I think it was done very well.I loved Meryl Streep's roll. It did bring back some memories good and indifferent.l It's my past and it is apart of who I am today. I think the movies encourages discussion and dialog to help us heal the past as well as celebrate it.

  2. I've been wondering about this film. I'll have to watch it. I'm not sure I had quite the same experience with only some children in a grade school but the people who taught them were ex-nuns, one married, one not. Neither of them would get a teacher of the year award from me as they were pretty brutal. But your experience sounds a lot more spiritual and something that left a gentle aura, if you will, on you.