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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The End Is Near

So I am watching CNN and I see quite a surprise."Guiding Light" (I know.. a soap opera) is ending. I remember my Mom telling me how she used to listen to it on the radio while ironing. I watched & listened while cleaning, knitting and doing many other things in my daily life.

My children had nap times while "Guiding Light" and Reva & Josh were busy in their lives. My daughter and I had a connection when she was at college. She started to watch it.. (she's too busy for that now).

So after 72 years and old staple is leaving..I wonder why?? Not enough to research it but it was the kind of show I could miss for months or even years and then pick right up in the lives of all in Springfield.

Good luck to all the wonderful people who made my daytime a bit more fun (cause they always look great and bring people back from the dead).

When you live alone it's nice to hear interaction between others during the day even if they are trying to plot against each other. I often wonder where India went??

Have a great day have to run....




  1. It's amazing how many years that it aired, I never watched it. I was a Young&The Restless girl. Hope your spring weather comes soon.

  2. Yeah, I remember my GRANDMOTHER saying that she and her mom would stop and listen when it was on (and I'm almost old enough to have grandkids myself - children anyway, and I'd bloody well get to it, according to my mother!).

    I think it's sad!!