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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What A Day!!

Who would have thought the temperature could even be 90 degrees right now in South Dakota...where did spring go?

I understand I can turn the ac off tonite as it is going to drop down 30 - 35 degrees. Okay that sounds more like it.

I would rather have 75 or so that way I can start planting and watching the flowers grow.

People are very hard to satisfy. I can't have it both ways...cold or hot nothing in between.

I'm working on a scarf for my granddaughter A for her Oct. b'day. Need to start early and Kansas is where they will be not DC anymore. They'll be a little closer or at least within driving distance.

Have a great night...I am going to walk the dogs.




  1. Well, Kansas is a lot closer to drive. You have a very nice blog and I am waiting to see picures of your granddaughters scarf !!!

  2. I promise..just need batteries in camera & have been verry bad about doing my pictures.

    Wish I had a nickel for every promise of photos ..I will though. Also liked your blog.