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Monday, April 20, 2009

Speculation- What Did The Handshake Mean??

So when did a handshake that was led by one person become NOT the thing to do. So much for etiquette in 2009. What did it meant a person did reciprocate by putting his hand out after the other person led with his. Big deal...

I want to understand why this is so's not like President Obama "looked into his eyes and saw his soul", if you know what I mean.

I want more respect for each others and when did it come to pass that "WE" were so perfect in this world?? We have made mistakes (okay not as individuals but as a whole)...many through our history. How about reading up on Constitutional Law in this Country and learning becoming more literate on this subject.

Do the majority of people know what the "Rule of Law" is?? I bet not because most did not pay attention in "Problems in American Democracy" or "American History". And who of us researches information we hear to really try our best to know the facts that we hear in a day.

Enough ranting on my part..I do research and read...and find out what both sides of the argument's are ...both sides!!!! I feel in this way I might at least sleep better at night knowing I have tried my best.

Thank goodness we live here and not in a Country that has just passed "Shari Law" and tomorrow I must cover up my entire body or be killed.

Enough and I am sorry if I have not agreed with some but I have my opinion and you may also have yours....thanks to our Constitution. You need not agree with me and all comments will be read and respected..I promise.



  1. I actually thought it was pretty brave of Chavez (not known for his subtlety) to try it. I thought it was polite of the President to accept the gift and offer his hand, and a greeting in Spanish. To hear some of the far-right radio-heads talk, they'd rather he'd cut Chavez dead (or outright killed him). Chavez was very much a threat to former President Bush (he called him "the Devil"), and, by extension, the rest of the country. If he's willing to offer an olive branch, let's sit back and see if he means it, rather than grabbing it and burning it in front of him, eh?

  2. I agree with you. As I told my kids growing up, "You have a right to your opinion and I will listen but I may not sgree or change my mind".
    It's just being polite as the World is watching.