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Friday, April 10, 2009


When did the Holidays get so sad for more Easter baskets, or new hats and spring coats. That is my memory of getting ready for the Easter day. We went to Church every Friday at 3PM for Stations of the Cross. We didn't eat meat but mac & cheese, pancakes or fish. Mom worked hard for us to have a great and memorable experience.

How I miss the family we had. Mom and Dad are gone now and our family is all over the map so the link of Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles..parents and cousins is no longer near.

We colored eggs so they could be hidden & found the next morning and then on to Mass (we fasted) and then home for Easter breakfast with the home so busy and looking forward to deviled eggs. We would have dinner at Gram's home with the entire family...what great memories I have. Sometimes Mom made dinner as we grew to adulthood everything did change.

Some of us moved, went in the military or were just not their anymore.

How I want those simple pleasant days back laughing,playing and enjoying the fun of family.

Happy Easter to all,

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  1. I had similar Holidays when I was growing up. Funny how things change and you loose the ones you love. I think it makes those that can get together closer. Yay on socks. I just joined a sock Knit along, so I am casting on today. Happy Easter to you♥