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Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, That Sock !!!!

Here I am again..never thought one little sock could be my death...okay, so I got to the heel flap & then the gusset is what messed me up. Maybe a tube sock????
No, I am not giving up is snowing (a little) and cold and tomorrow is Saturday and I will work this sock until it is finished.

See I had gotten too cockey about the little thing last fit correctly and I loved it .....then the gusset ( I never called that thing near my ankle that before) happened and it was downhill from there. It is harder using smaller needles to knit with and of course that beautiful Lily Chin yarn..uhmm..Patience and it will happen.

So my small surgery is postponed until Tuesday the 3rd of March.. figures it took me all this time to finally go and now the date has changed. More time to work on "The Sock"!!!

Have a great day tomorrow and I'm going to sock the sock...


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