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Monday, February 9, 2009

Fabric & Rag Knitting/Crocheting

Oh another wonderful contest to enter...You have to all look at Heathers' inventory & blog.

I am in a Fabric Knitting group online & I have learned so much I actually have made a Rag Clutch (purse) for my daughter out of beautiful material I had. I ran downtown with it today to see if there is a market in our little shops here. I'm hoping so I better get knitting different bags for the summer months.

I am enjoying & writing my blog so much. I cannot tell you how much this has opened up my life again. I received my package for the 1st swap ($10.00) today. Oh I was like a 12 yr. old. Redcurtain handmade a knitted piece that says "SCOTTIE" on top and a scottie dog in the pattern of the work. She sent a great book to read & she did so much research to find what I liked that she hit it spot on!

This definitely is a turning point in my life for the good. More friends all over this world...
We knitters are very special as we have the spirit of making others happy. I know that for sure. I am making friends for the rest of my life...



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  1. Thanks for keeping me up on the contest. I agree with you knitters are special! Ravely has done so much for us. I see lots of yarn and friends in the future 8>)