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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, That Sock !!!!

I can't tell you how much it means to me when someone has written a comment on my Blog. It really isn't hard, you can even be anonymous. I actually have people in my immediate family who believe I will virus them. Well, I am older and wiser and much happier in my life this year because I have found blogging. It gives me an opportunity to meet other people throughout the USA and the world.

I know I am not a published author but I read...ALOT...and I have thoughts that I can share and experience is always on my side. Besides reading other blogs with interests similar to mine open up the gateway of learning from others.

Oh, I don't have to agree with anyone in this world but it is great to see others opinions who are as passionate as I am but they have another way of knitting the patterns together for a different spin and that's great.

I love the groups on,, as it has really expanded my world. How much more positive can you be than when giving & getting in knitting (or crocheting). I've learned so many wonderful things from the women here...about fibers, fabric knitting....skills and just plain fun and encouragement with every step.

I started my 1st sock yesterday and I think I get was too small for any human I know but it worked. So tonight I'm going to do it for sure (correct size & all). Wish me well as you might receive a pair from me some day!!!

Peace and I'm watching "Lost" tonite,



  1. Hee! I remember when you said you'd started this blog to avoid starting a sock. Glad you're figuring it out!!

  2. Well Darla:
    This is another person you are meeting on this blog. Hello! I am Suzanne and live in the NC mountains. At 61 years of age I am knitting for "public" as well as family and friends. Love to sew also but somehow don't find the time for the sewing until I need to as Christmas approaches.
    Started knitting when I was 9 but just started the public knitting a year or so ago. And started with socks, then it went to sweaters and now hand knit coats. Of course the sweaters, mittens and socks are still requested which keeps me busy.
    Raising 13 dogs keeps me busy as well as helping with our Angus, a hand full of chickens, Muscovy ducks and Guinea Hens. This spring we will, God willing, plant an acre of garden. Sell some, do some canning and give some to those in need.
    So glad to meet you on your blog.