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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Socks on Saturday

I am so excited I think I understand the concept of the gusset!!! I'm getting ready to start that in a few minutes. I used beautiful yarn but I'm not what it is as yet.

I'm going to put batteries in the camera and I will take pictures & upload them...FINALLY. Not tonite but tomorrow...

So I am off to complete one of two socks. Really excited as I will be down & out for awhile and as I surely will still be knitting...socks here I go!! Tuesday is the surgery day...

I've been looking at some beautiful lace projects. Lots of work but loads of gratification on finishing a work like this. When I could still crochet I made a lace table cloth from thread (2 pieces held throughout) for my daughter. I used my own knowledge & made a design from that. It was lots of work but a great gift to her. I remember it took me almost 6 months to complete. Have to find a pic of that also.

Okay, the picture above is a couple of years ago close to where I live. I just loved all the little lambs with the moms. I have a few others I will share at some point which have the babies skipping & jumping around. They do smell alot...but are still cute.

Have a nice Sunday.,..


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  1. Hi Darla:
    I love the photo of the lambs too. We had wool sheep for years until David hurt himself and wound up with, not one, but 2 shoulder surgeries. So no more.
    I did try wool from the time it was sheared until I was spinning by hand and then knit what I had spun.
    Gussets - will be so glad to see your finished pieces. Hope you take photos along the way so that we can get a glimpse of how it is going for you.
    Enjoy your day and keep in contact.