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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Eleventh Hour

Okay, so it's only going on 10PM here...I am an east coaster though so my inner body clock says it's the 11th hour...where is the NY news??

I tore the test sock out and have started knitting the REAL one. I actually am half way on the heel flap. I am really excited as I never thought I would have the patience to knit any object much less a pair of socks. Good for me, I guess this is my year to fly out of my mold (kidding..I don't have a mold Mom Said they broke it when I was born).

I feel terrible that I have no time in my days to vacuum, dust or even cook my delicious meals anymore. Knitting and blogging have taken over. I needed a substitute for the physical & spending I used to do. So I have found my way...

Being a hippie (still.. but more mature) I took all my batik an created a knitted fabric purse of my design for ME!!! This is the first piece I made for ME, not the last for sure. I really have surprised myself it's professional looking.
I do make time for the dogs as they are my kids. I love talking to words are very important to them for sure.

I even have a surgery (not plastic) coming on I guess I will be away a few days from blogging. It's nothing serious but has taken me years to get to the point of having it done. Be brave and go for it....I am.

Have to go now as I need to work on my socks.I do need to get more (different sizes) knitting dpn's and some Options tips (7US seems to be my fave).

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me along the way. I love your blogging and especially your knitting.

Peace & tomorrow is Friday!!!!!


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  1. If you have time, will you please post a pic of your Very Professional Looking Bag you made Just For You? It sounds cool...!