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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beautiful Yarn

Oh my gosh..go here and see the most beautiful yarn ever She also has a great blog that I am enjoying following. As Mom said "a little knowledge is dangerous" so I must keep up & learn more.

So it was almost 40!!!!! So today was the time for a new hairdo..My local shop "Vintage Hair Parlour" is great. The shop feels as if you have stepped into the 1800's.

Now I have to say Melissa isn't even close to that age (25 ha ha) that she would remember the Good Ole Prairie Days. She has a great sense about her. Thanks for the style kid..I'll be back so you can tough it out with me again.

She's going to get a surprise of an art piece I am knitting. It can hang on her wall at home. I actually have seen some old framed pieces here in SD that are made out of hair (past loved ones). Nooo, I am not going to do that but thought it was interesting.

So see you later...



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