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Friday, February 6, 2009

A Swell Day

Gosh, it's still 35 out here. Almost spring....not yet though. I mailed my 1st Swap package to Amie today..can't wait till it arrives. I know she will enjoy it.

I ran lots of errands today as sitting outside & enjoying the weather really wasn't an option. I'm still trying to knit socks...either not the right needles or the wrong yarn (well wrong for me....too skinny) but it will all come together in time.

The TV was crazy today...watching the Hill just gets me going. Make a decision already, after
8 yrs. of putting America in this situation (losing jobs that will not reappear and much more), the majority of the GOP has decided to be fiscally responsible....where was that before??? Please someone tell me......will they ever get "We Are The People"...just one!!!!!

Okay on to pleasant thoughts so I don't stay up all nite fixing Washington. I love my children & Family. It's very difficult to be so far away from all. The grandkids just are such a blessing for me. They are great people...Mom & Dad are doing a good job. Even though we are so far apart the kids always say or do something to ping my heart. I treasure though moments.
Besides, I'm the one that taught them how to roll down a hill at West Point Academy and get are clothes full of mud & dirt. They will never forget that.

I am going to leave for now as I am going to make the attempt again to knit the darn socks, they really can't be that can usually buy them anywhere. Even the corner store in a rural town.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Good luck on the socks... it gets easier. Sunny and 60+ here in Maryland