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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Touch of Spring

It rained, it snowed (a little) and rained again but I can see green grass...spring is coming. I really have been knitting like a crazy woman.

I have 3 purses that I designed made from fabric that is knotted at certain lengths & then knitted together. Oh, this has been fun!! If it wasn't for
and who happens to do this for a living I would have never thought I could do it.

Thank you Heather as I am having a great time creating...

I have a new friend on a blog who is going through a life changing ordeal at the moment. I have lost my Mom & Dad so I know how hard it is when one of them is so sick. Keep her in your prayers and her family. Keep strong it will all be fine no matter what we have to keep faith.

Okay, so I did watch C+SPAN2 today & yes it drives me crazy watching & listening to
"The Hill". Remember that song "what's going on....", well that's what I kept saying all today. Enough just get on with it.

Have a great day tomorrow and


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