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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To Unravel Old Yarn

As someone who worked hard on Sen. Daschles' reelection in South Dakota & knew how much he had done for us, I was encouraged he would be in a position to help the Country again.

I am disappointed in all of our legislatures, they are in there positions because of the people in our Nation. What is going on is nothing new in politics. Read our history..back track & see it hasn't changed.

I do believe Pres. Obama does want to do good & does believe in "The Rule of Law", but changes cannot come in 100 days of office. It will be slow & we will take 2 steps back & one forward. We WILL make it though and will be much better for it.

Keep our chins up & support those that really want to change. Keep knitting & unravel & soak the old yarn is renewable and so are we.



  1. It was so wonderfully refreshing last night to see the President actually say "I messed up" with regard to choosing one too many picks with tax problems. I was sad that Sen. Daschle withdrew, but he'll still be helping, you know he will.

    It's so nice having a President that will admit mistakes again. (I don't think we've had that since G.W.H. Bush!)

  2. IMO, if Obama really wanted change, he would have committed himself to nominating those who have not served for years in our corrupt, greedy government. His change is a joke, as is the Republican "Country First" garbage. And no, I wasnt a real Bush fan.

    Not trying to make you angry. It is just my opinion.

  3. im from south dakota... i am a daschel fan... i thought he would be great...


    there is no uxcuse to not pay that kind of taxes... intentional mistake... only he knows... thing is ... if OBAMA is for real (and i would like to think so... ) he can not make exceptions... he has to have the same rules for his people as we have to follow...

    I respect Daschel for bowing out... it shows he has some decency... its a drag... but at least Obama's america isnt like the elite... above the rules King George had during his years of terror...

    hey darla... i fixed your link from the ESDPS group sight