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Friday, February 27, 2009

Knitting And Technology

I am here trying to paste my Ravelry Badge to my blog. So much to learn and just not enough time. I do feel guilty making this statement as I no longer work outside of my home..

I am finding if I sit at the computer to interact with other human computers I cannot knit. I will find a balance (ok maybe not). I am surprising myself and helping my mind stay very active as I am learning so much daily. It's either knitting or the blog. No dusting, vacumning or even reading (which I am addicted too). I actually have a surplus of books to take on...looks like lots of summer reading to catch up.

I'm playing with changing up my blog a bit. Time to advance a little. I read so many wonderfully written that I need to improve a bit more..

It's lousy here...-12 with the windchill...oh, can't wait for spring.

Have a great week end as I need to work on my SOCKS....



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